Fashion Communication – An emerging career opportunity within brands and style

Fashion industry is promoting lifestyle and is experiencing rapid growth across the African continent. Increased interest towards styles and brand within shoppers has propelled competition between brands to improve upon their competitors. Local African brands are giving tough competition to foreign brands, more because of the changing trends of preferences by the fashion enthusiasts. Fast changing trends in the fashion industry are enabling creation of new avenues within the industry, hence proving better career opportunities to the youth than before. Fashion communication is one such field proving excellent career option in the emerging areas of fashion.

Fashion communication is an interdisciplinary course providing entry opportunities into the creative and cultural industries like media, fashion & graphic design, fashion photography, fashion journalism & publication, product launch, public relation and exhibition & event management. This is a unique course which provides students with interest in fashion to develop deep understanding about the factors affecting the fashion commercials in any country, such as psychology and philosophy. If you are a self-inspired person, you yourself can develop good skills into media education and communication. A career in this field develops your critical skills, enhance understanding of audio-video messages and increase writing skills. These skill-sets lets’ you promote any fashion brand and their products through effective campaigns.

Fashion communication also makes you suitable for art direction, photography, graphics, fashion style, copywriting, fashion journalism and advertising. A Fashion communication professional promotes a fashion brand and products beyond digital strategies, using all the aspects of communication, to position them better than the competitive brands and to establish trust within the customer segment.

Most of the career courses in Fashion Design offer Fashion Communication as a subject within their course. Specialised undergraduate degree in fashion communication is offered at universities in Europe, Asia and USA. Short-term courses in brand promotion, fashion blogging or copywriting are available with schools across the continent. One of them is Vega School in South Africa (